The coach of the Colombia National Team, Elias del Valle, from Cartagena, rated as "excellent" the performance of his team in these world championships and said that "our forecast was to achieve a number above 19 gold medals, in the whole track competition, but up to today we have got 18 and the road races are still to come, which means that we will rise above completely all out of calculations".


When talking about the key for success, del Valle said that "everything is due to the working methodology used by this group." Likewise, an applied sports science brought by us, but especially this is a product of teamwork. "Teamwork has been complete, from the scientific side, the coaches and the administrative part, everything has been assembled and there is the result".


The Colombian coach highlighted that what has been done by Diego Rosero Cálad is what has impressed him the most in this tournament. "I believe Diego has been for us the leader and set the attitude for the entire team." The outcome from the first race fired the psychological side of all our skaters, all the work he did was evident, as well as the support and the motivation he gave to the team during the preparation period. "I wish Diego would stay for some years more because Colombia needs him".


When talking about the relay race, that his team had just won, del Valle had to stop a bit to be able get the words out: "for many years Colombia longed winning the senior men relay race and today we have done it, is something very important for us".


With regards to what is left for Colombia in this world championship, Elias del Valle said: "look, I think that for the road races a lot of people will get there feeling the tiredness but those that have done a good preparation work will do well in the road." I know we have done a good preparation work and we might do well. However, there are many well-prepared people, many coming from racing marathons, who are experts for the road races. But we are also prepared to retain the title of the road.



Anselmo Quiroz Q. – Jefe de Prensa – 313 671 38 38 / Beatriz Ibargüen C. – 301 683 79 29 / Beatriz Martínez – 321 777 67 87 /

Zura Paola Agredo – 300 791 65 08 / Merlyn Álvarez – 313 608 73 01 / Luis