In Junior’s Men, Colombia also made the one-two

As it happened with the junior’s ladies, Colombia junior’s men also occupied the top two places in the 300 m time trial, and qualified for the finals to be held in the evening, inside the framework of the Skating World Championships Guarne 2010, Governor of Antioquia Indeportes Antioquia.


First place was obtained by Juan Camilo Pérez, whose time was a 23.383, while beating his team mate Nicolas Bermúdez, who stopped the chronometers in 24.516. The twelve first will race at evening for play tonight gold, silver and bronze. medals


It is the second test in which Colombia obtained the first two places, because earlier , the ladies ☆Jesenia Escobar and Stephie Hurtado had managed the two first places in the 300 time trial in the same category.


The twelve qualified are as follows:


Juan Camilo Pérez (Colombia) 24.383

Nicolás Bermúdez (Colombia) 24.516

Jeong Hum Im (Corea) 24.799

Darren de Sousa (Francia), 24.989

Emanuelle Silva (Chile) 25.059

Mirco Mezzalira (Italia) 25.127

Mauro Corselli (Italia) 25.209

Jean Pierre Benjamín (Francia) 25.229

Shih Hao Chang (China Taipei) 25.233

Rafael Contreras (Venezuela) 25.281

Min Su Kim (Corea) 25.355

Eben Jackson (USA) 25.497


  The order in the final will leave back forward, according to the time s.


Anselmo Quiroz Q. – Jefe de Prensa – 313 671 38 38

Beatriz Ibargüen C. – 301 683 79 29 / Beatriz Martínez – 321 777 67 87 / Zura Paola Agredo – 300 791 65 08

Merlyn Álvarez – 313 608 73 01 / Fernando Loaiza G. – 314 893 40 24