Medellin Road - Bogota
Medellin Road - Bogota

The Small town of Guarne, was considered and named " The Royal one of Mines " in past times; also, The Door of the Eastern part in Colombia " during the everlasting times. The governor Dionisio Tejada called him, The “Elide of the Candle Lights. ".


Guarne is located to the east part of the country shire of Antioquia. His territory is crossed by the Highway Medellin - Bogota, which transverses in direction from western to eastern, and places his municipal head-board in a distance of 21 kilometers from the Capital Antioqueña (Medellin).


The privilege of being surrounded by mountain chains, that remain green all the year round, gives him a spring touch climate for the exercise of any activity. His average temperature is 17 centigrade degrees, which allows the public and private entities to keep always opened his programs of culture, recreation, sports, markets or business.



His geographical extension is 157 square kilometers, located on the oriental branch of the Central Mountain Chain, with a height that ranges between the 2.100 and 2.400 meters on the level of the sea.


Guarne's Municipality borders to the northern part on the municipalities of Copacabana and Girardota, to the west on the city of Medellin, in the southern part on Rionegro's municipality, and to the east and northeast on San Vicente's municipality.


One takes 25 minutes to the city of Medellin, through the highway that also leads to Bogota, th capaitaal of Colombia.


Guarne's municipality receives the appellative of "The door of the east antioqueño" and the “Commoner town".





Guarne's gastronomic offering is very peculiar in the settlement of apple and maracuya (fruit) wines. It can also be tasted, wines, of onion for the kitchen. There are typical products, as the mangarracho (Bread of cheese embitter), the Bread of cheese of scum or of the capio: the small pieces of bread (seemed to the sweet panderitos) and the “”hojaldras”” from the Yolombal. The typical Paisa Tray,( small pies with an antioqueña taste): “mazamorra” ( boiled maize with honey), and the famous arepas antioqueñas””(cooked corn pancakes).


There are some touristic places to be visited, like The Commoners , the Hippodrome , the Chapel of Holy Ana, the High Hill of the Virgin, Guarne's Lagoon and the ecological park White Stone (Comfenalco) between others.




Located strategically, Guarne offers excellent road links with the rest of Colombia and with the principal continental destinations. Guarne is placed to 21 Km from Medellin one of the most important cities of the country, with international air connections. Nearby there is the International Airport Jose Maria Córdoba (Rio Negro Antoquia) and “El Dorado”’, the International Airport in Bogota, . They also connect the principal internal Colombian air lines.




The international airport of Medellin is one of the most important airports of Colombia. Beside dealing several domestic flights, it operates with destinations to The United States, The Caribe, Central América and bordering countries, among other destinations.


As we said, Guarne surroundings are crossed by the Highway Medellin - Bogota, which goes in transverse direction from west to southeast.


Buses, minibuses and taxis communicate the airport with different points of the metropolitan area of Medellin. The approximate duration of the trip up to Guarne is 25 minutes.






1. Taxi: The taxis are in row at the exit of the international arrivals. The average rate is $38.000 Colombian pesos (CP). (USD 15). 2. Collective taxi: The collective taxi share the transportation among three to four passengers. The cost per passenger is $11.000 CP. Usually the waiting time is not very long. 3. Buses: They go out from the airport between a short timetable. The tour takes aprox 60 minutes. The fee (average) $5.000 CP. (USD 2)



Language: Spanish

Currency: Colombian Pesos

Department: Antioquia

Región: Eastern



Latitude: 06 '16 56* N

Length: 75 '26 49* Or


Temperature: 17'C

Altitude: 2.150 msnm

Distance: 24 Km to and from Medellin Km


Population: 42.000 Hab.